0-10v 4-20ma Mini load cell amplifier FA13
0-10v 4-20ma load cell amplifier


0-10v 4-20ma  Mini load cell amplifier FA13 0-10v 4-20ma  Mini load cell amplifier FA13 

FA13 Amplifier size



Brief introduction


FA13 uses Original imported high-performance devices, it Precisely amplifies the sensor output signal.


Voltage stabilization, constant current bridge supply, impedance adaptation, linear compensation, temperature compensation


It can convert force to current or voltage signal. Output signal can be switched to 40~20mA or 0~10V.


amplifier can be connected with automatic control equipment, PLC, Single chip microcomputer,Host computer.


Amplifier function: Standard signal external zero adjustment, external adjustment gain function, input over-voltage protection, output short-circuit protection





1.     wide input range: 0.4-6mv/v. can match most strain gauge load cell.

2.     Can connected with 1PCS 350Ω load cell

3.     High response frequency, good long-term stability, Comprehensive accuracy can reach ±0.05%FS

4.     Input power reverse connection protection and output short circuit protection

5.     Power 16-24V

6.     Can match with various kinds of load cell, such as force load cell, tension and compression load cell, torque load cell.




Power supply: 16-24V


Input sensitivity: 0.4~6 mv/v


Sensor excitation voltage: 5VDC


Comprehensive accuracy: ≤±0.05%FS


Rated output: 0-5V,0-10V (output can be switched, no need to send back to factory to do it)


Sampling frequency: ≥100hz


Operating temperature: -30℃~ 60℃


IP class: IP64


Note: From a security perspective, the following operations are recommended. Confirm the input power with the test instrument, power on and then check the voltage can meet load cell voltage or not without connecting the load cell.




1.     connect all the cables accordingly

2.     offer specified DC power supply to the transmitter

3.     connect the load cell, load cell unloaded, adjust to the corresponding zero-point output value through the zero-point adjustment potentiometer.

4.     Loading the load cell after setting the zero point. Better to Max Capacity. And then Adjust the gain potentiometer to the corresponding value (0-10V input, adjust to 10.000V). can adjust to any value accordingly.

5.     Disconnect the power supply after adjusting the amplifier parameter. It is best to repeat the calibration 2-3 times

6.     Seal the potentiometer screw by wax to avoid shaking which may cause amplifier error

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