±10V 0~10V 4~20mA micro handheld meter


  ±10V  0~10V   4~20mA micro handheld meter


conventing load cell signal to the signal client want


Detail information

1.meter size

06 S.png

2.future and applications

USB and 232 interface, Hot swap support.

Show peak force, real time value,  could show test line, could monitor and trace back the whole test course.

Upper and down limit Deviation could be set freely. Alarm could be choose within and without limit

Upper and down limit two-point level output, buzzer and display prompt the alarm at the same time.

The screen display direction can be rotated 180 degrees

N,KG, LB. Three units automatically switch

Peak hold, peak automatic release, release time setting

100 groups test data could be saved, automatically calculate the average, maximum value, minimum value.

No operation automatic shutdown, Automatic back light

Through the PC-specific test software, the test curve data can be stored, transferred, and traced indefinitely

Test results can be printed in the software interface

Various test machines can be configured to realize various tests

3. meter parameter

Specification Technique 
2.8 inch TFT true color LCD backlight
Readability 1/90000
output linear<0.002%
Comprehensive   accuracybetter than 0.01%
A/D convert speed≤1600 times/s
Temp effect on output≤10ppm/°C
Temp effect on zero≤10μV/°C
Excitation Voltage5VDC
Power supply24±5VDC
Power consume≤10W
Operation temp   range-20~70℃
IP classIP65



±10V 0~10V 4~20mA micro handheld meter FA06